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How to place bets on tennis

So you want to win while betting on tennis, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, in this article we will talk about betting on one of the most popular sports today – tennis. Half of the success that comes in betting is choosing the right sportsbook.

Types of Bets on Tennis

We will highlight the most popular betting types among sportsbooks.

  • Betting on the outcome of the match.
    It’s a pretty simple bet.  We bet on the victory of either one or the other athletes regardless of the circumstances. There are usually no high odds here, so we recommend this bet type to beginning players.
  • Betting on number of sets/games. Tennis matches consist of 2-3 sets, and within each set are at least six games. Sportsbooks allocate bets on whether there will be more or less than a certain number of games. For example, a total of more than 20.5 or a total of less than 21.5.
  • Handicap bet.  Abet on a result in games with added or subtracted points is called the handicap. That is the player bets on the victory of one of the participants with a certain advantage or disadvantage. In tennis, handicaps are counted by the number of games, e.g. a -5.5 will mean that one player must win at least 6 games more throughout the game. Bets can be placed on athletes with both negative and positive handicaps.
  • The bets on occurrence of a tiebreak. When a draw occurs between the number of games won by each athlete a tiebreak is announced as a special shortened game.  The essence of this bet is to guess whether one will be played or not.

How to bet on tennis. The three best strategies.

  1. Betting on the favorite. One of the simplest strategies. The odds for the favorite will be much lower than for the underdog. It is a good option for a long-term perspective.  However, you should not bet on odds that are too low, as the profit from it will likely not be worth the risk. We recommend you to bet on odds -250 –  -167.
  2. Staking on the result. For this strategy it is necessary to select matches where the opponents are approximately equal to each other in ability or rank. We will bet using the Martingale method – to double the stake in case of loss, and in case of victory – to reduce it back to the initial value. But in our case, we will double the amount after two losses. In each game we will bet on the player who receives the serve, as the odds will be higher. If we lose, we change the player, and the odds will increase.
  3. Dogon at 3:15. A very popular strategy with most players. It involves a constant increase in bets on the same event in live betting until it actually happens. That is, in case of loss, we raise the bet. In our case, we consider the event – the score 15:15, is quite common in tennis. On average, there are 6 – 7 scores per game, that is, you will have only 6 – 7 attempts, we also act on the Martingale mechanism.

What is live betting?

Sportsbooks allocate two types of betting for games: live bets and pre match bets. The first option means bets take place in real time, i.e. during a tennis match. The second way involves a bet before the match begins. Tennis is a very dynamic sport, so live bets are particularly popular. Such bets have quite high odds, so we advise you to use them.

Pros and cons of tennis betting

Let us consider the main advantages and disadvantages of such bets. Here is a comparison on the pros and cons.


  • The outcome of the match depends on only one athlete. There is no need to follow the current form of multiple players.
  • It can’t be a draw. There are only two outcomes – victory or defeat.
  • Little influence from the referee on the game. This reduces the number of controversial points and variables.


  • Indefinite start time of the match. Tennis matches are usually played on 3-4 courts. When playing long games, the players have to wait their turn. It is also possible to reschedule matches due to bad weather conditions.
  • Player trauma. The match completely stops when the athlete is injured. In this case, the invested money is not returned by sportsbooks.

Bets on tennis have both positive and negative aspects. We recommend that you get a good understanding of the topic first, and only then start to wager. And remember, that betting on sports is always a risk.

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