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Sports Betting Odds with Guaranteed Profits: Myth or Reality?

Some strategies for betting on sports are called win-win strategies, which are supposed to guarantee a profit. We would very much like such strategies to exist, but unfortunately we have bad news: there are no guarantees in sports, nor in betting on them, and losing is much easier than winning.

Why are there no guaranteed profit bets?

There is no guaranteed profit in betting, period. Even if you bet on just the favorites with odds of -2000 and start earning a little, there is a chance to lose all the money earned and stay in the negative. This has been tried and tested, and even the most professional of bettors still lose. 

Okay, with low rates, everything is clear, but there is also something called arbitrage betting, they are intended as a kind of system to lose less and not as often.

Why arbitrage bets are not win-win.

Arbitrage rates include those that allow you to earn on mistakes or differences between sportsbooks: forks, corridors, valleys. You can also add strategies like the catch-up or the more classic martingale. However the methods used to earn the most are usually the ones sportsbooks prohibit.

The problem with forks, corridors and valleys is that they are usually found on sportsbooks that block players from using such bets, prevent them from betting on certain sports or severely limit the size of the bets.

And the problem with all kinds of catch-up strategies is that they are win-win only if you have endless money. But nobody has endless money. Therefore, such bets cannot be called guaranteed wins either.

Sports Betting Odds with Guaranteed Profits: Myth or Reality?

Why you cannot bet on fixed games

Betting on fixed games is foolish because even if you somehow managed to find out about a truly fixed game and bet on juicy odds, the sportsbook will stop taking bets, block the game account until the circumstances are clarified and will start investigating the suspicious flow of bets.

Even the contractual parties do not guarantee anything – the parties may not fulfill their conditions so that bets on the game will not be counted nor paid out.

Is there any way to guarantee profit from betting

You cannot guarantee a profit, but you can reduce the risks to make more money than you lose – as you will inevitably have to lose sometime. On this topic we have prepared an article “How to minimize the risk in soccer betting”, however the advice contained here can be used for other sports outside of soccer as well.

We strongly recommend you to play honestly, read sportsbook rules and listen to advice. Although nothing can be guaranteed in betting, we will try to help you save money and increase profits.

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