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15 Frequently Asked Questions about Online Sportsbooks

Every new sports bettor has a lot of questions that to find answers to takes considerable time. That’s why we decided to make a list of the most frequently asked questions for new players and give detailed answers to them.

1. Couldn’t an online sportsbook cheat me?

That depends. On the Internet you can find many ratings of sportsbooks, which are evaluated, including the safety of the game in them. If you are going to bet on popular sports betting sites, while following the rules of the sites, then you should have nothing to worry about.

2. How can I withdraw my sportsbook winnings?

At the moment, each office has a lot of ways to withdraw, among these methods you can make withdrawals to your card, bank account, wallets of various electronic payment systems and other options.

3. Is it possible to specify fake data when registering?

It’s highly discouraged. The rules of each sportsbook states that the player must be of legal age and must specify his real data when registering. Otherwise, your account may be blocked without the possibility of withdrawal of the deposit.

4. I withdrew money with a card. How long will it be deposited in my account?

Such moments are prescribed in the house rules of online sportsbooks. Some sites make withdrawals instantly, but you should usually allow up to 24 hours. Many sportsbooks use Play+ cards which have instant deposits and withdrawals. In exceptional cases, withdrawals may take 7 days up to a couple of weeks, depending on the method.

5. I signed up with a promotion offering to match 100% of the deposit upon first depositing in my account. Can I immediately withdraw the bonus funds.

No. No sportsbook can offer that opportunity, or they will work at a loss. In the terms and conditions of receiving each bonus you can usually find a wagering requirement included. These can range from 1X requirements up to 25X or 50X. We advise you to take the bonus only as a pleasant addition to the game while at the same time trying to fulfill the requirements for withdrawal.

6. I made a bet on one of the teams, and then I changed my mind and wanted to bet on the other. Would the sportsbook forbid me to make such a bet?

No, most American sportsbooks will not allow you to make bets on opposing teams or competitors. However, if you are interested in one game, many will feature bet builders that allow you to easily select multiple markets from the same game. 

7. Which sport should I bet on?

There is no direct answer to that question. It is better to place your bets within those sports in which you know at least a little. This goes for leagues and athletes as well, generally the better you know them the better chance you have of making a winning bet. 

8. I’m sure of the result of one event. Can I bet all my money on one bet?

Each sportsbook has a maximum bet limit. If you do not go beyond this limit, you can bet all your money. The other question would be, is it wise to do this? Even if you win today, with this approach, you will be waiting for a significant loss in the future.

9. Is it really possible to win thousands in a parlay by betting only 50 dollars?

Yes, it’s possible and occasionally someone hits the jackpot, but the odds are very slim. We don’t advise you to get too carried away with parlay betting, because of the increased margin you have little chance of being on the plus side during the long term.

10. Why aren’t many people playing parlay bets? Because they have such high odds?

They have high odds, but also an increased margin and a lower chance of being successful. It is better for long term profits to stick with single bets and don’t test your fortune.

11. Is it true that with a fork strategy you can win all the time?

It’s only in theory. In practice you will encounter many pitfalls, but this is a topic for a separate article.

12. Is live betting a quick way to get rich?

To some extent, yes, but they are also used as a quick way to lose money. When playing them, you should be extremely careful.

13. Will sportsbooks block my account if I win all the time?

No, that’s not going to happen if you play fair. Some non-serious offices may limit the maximum amount of your bet, but you should not even register at them.

14. I bet money on the team and won, but the sportsbook’s office is showing a different result for the game and accordingly the bet was lost. What should I do in these cases?

Contact the support team. Surely it is the sportsbook’s mistake and you will get your winnings back with an apology.

15. I started losing money that I can not afford to lose. What should I do? How do I get rid of addiction?

Try to find a new hobby for yourself. It can be playing sports, music, painting, etc. If nothing helps, you should seek help from a specialist.

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