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10 major mistakes by novice bettors

While the bettors share their magical winnings with each other, bookmakers fill their pockets and joyfully rub their hands. 

The statistics are inexorable: 90% of players are left with nothing. This firstly applies to those who repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

Which novice betting mistakes are the most common?

  • Ignoring the rules of a betting establishment. Thorough study of the rules of the sportsbook – the first of the guidelines necessary for a beginner. Ignorance of the sportsbook’s rules is a direct route to disputable situations, difficult proceedings and (almost always) loss of their own deposit;
  • The desire to chase your losses. The desire for quick return of money is one of the main evils inherent in beginners. Rashly chasing your losses only leads to bankruptcy;
  • A victorious euphoria. Often it is the winning bet that becomes the prerequisite for a complete fiasco. Overestimation of one’s own strength and blind faith in fortune often lead the player’s bankroll to a complete negative. Rash choice of bets, based only on luck, will not provide you with a steady long term strategy;
  • A disregard for analytics. Detailed analysis and familiarity with information about the upcoming event is a sign of professionalism. Without working with statistics and analytics (on naked probability theory) you will not go far;
  • Belief in free predictions. Of course, it is much easier to follow other people’s clues blindly and later accuse the guilty. However, a successful better always makes his own decision, although he listens to the recommendations of experienced handicappers;
  • Getting information about fixed games. No matter how much it is written that the sale of fixing games is a fraud of betting, debutantes still do not spare money to buy fixes;
  • The thirst for quick riches. This mistake is often inherent in live betting, when a bettor is led astray by quickly changing odds and makes ill-conceived bets. Not everyone’s reaction time is excellent, and often the planned winnings result in an unplanned loss;
  • Trust in low odds. Wrong mentality: if the odds are low, the bet is 100% winnable. This is not always true, as the strategy of playing at low odds only seems to be a sure win, and in the long run leads to the loss of the entire betting bankroll;
  • Illiterate financial management. There are cases when the bettor seems to be quite successful and enjoys many victories over the sportsbook, but his own bankroll melts in front of his eyes. This is due to illiterate distribution of funds, and the solution here is working with bets with a fixed amount;
  • Using the wrong strategies. Each experienced handicapper has a set of his own proven strategies, the use of which brings him the desired result. Blind use of various untested schemes leads (almost always) to a tragic outcome.

Summary: learn, accumulate betting experience, communicate with experienced experts, develop your own winning strategies – this is the direct road to financial (sports betting) success.

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