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What is rollover in betting?

Bookmakers interpret this term in one way, while it has another meaning for Forex brokers. So, do not confuse them. Beginners in betting often hear the word rollover in the slang of more experienced bettors, but they can’t understand what it really means, and they’re afraid to ask. In fact, it’s very simple, rollover is the turnover of your bets from the size of the deposit. Let’s say you deposited 100$ and you have a betting turnover of 400$, in that case you would have a quadruple rollover.

What does rollover mean in betting?

Some bookmakers (like Pinnacle) require the client to make three rollovers to withdraw the money from the account without any fee. For example, a client deposited 100$, he needs to make three rollovers (300$ in our case) to withdraw the money later. He has to place 3 bets at 100 $ each or 100 bets at 3 $, i.e. to make a total turnover of 300 $.

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