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Live bets – what are they?

Everyone who has ever tried himself in a betting activity understands that the odds can change depending on what is happening in the game. This fact explains such types of bets as Live, or In-Play. In fact, these are bets that are made after the game has begun.

Whenever a team secures a sizable lead against the opponent, the odds for its victory become lower.

As for the line, it’s similar to the traditional one. The only difference is the more frequent change of odds. Often they change every 5-10 seconds. That’s why “speed and reaction” is important for winning. And also intuition and a clear understanding of the process. An unfolded event may contain telltale signs of its coming.

What is the advantage of Live Stakes?

This type provides an immediate and relatively easy way to earn money. However, it is important to have the ability to analyze, understand the discipline and be an experienced pre-match player. Analysts are often guided by statistical methods – it is much easier to predict the outcome of battles than the smallest nuances and possible changes in them.

 Live Betting is:

  • “Fast money” – to make money, you don’t have to suffer and wait for the end of the sporting event. You can win much earlier. Let’s say, if the total is more than 21, and the team has already scored four touchdowns in the first half of the game, then you can profit immediately without waiting for the completion;
  • The opportunity to “be reassured”, to get away with it – you can go beyond one action plan. The simplest strategies are based on increasing the amount after the team loses. This is done in order to win back more than you lose. Also, if the wagers turn out to be wrong, you can bet on the exact opposite opponent, and bet your way out of the negative. This kind of insurance makes the losses minimal;
  • Ratios – some odds may increase after the game begins. Outcome, total, etc. If the odds were low (let’s say, -280), then after the first half they might jump up to -167. Of course, depending on the game’s events. Thus, the possible profit has increased;
  • Ability to watch the game – watching the game will help to ensure that the chosen strategy is correct and even allows you to change your choice. The pre match analysis, in turn, will always have significant errors. That’s why you should wait for the beginning of the game. It also happens that good players become fatigued. In this case, you can win by betting on your opponents during the match.

 Live bets, however, also have drawbacks. What about them?

  • The need to respond quickly – not all people can make the right decision in seconds. Some people don’t even have half an hour to think about it. As for live bets, they require speed. Also, there is no time to compare statistics. To make money, you have to react immediately. After all, in 10 seconds the chance could disappear;
  • Low odds – on some markets odds can increase, and on the other – vice versa. Let’s say, if the score is “0-0”, the odds for a draw will fall rapidly. In order not to lose money, sportsbooks may increase their margin;
  • Gambling – after 3-5 unsuccessful live bets a person can lose control. He will make hasty, thoughtless decisions. As a result, he will lose even more than he planned;
  • Fast losses – in “live” mode you can lose as quickly as you win. Not only that, in this case there is a great desire to chase your losses. Sometimes after the first successful win, a person mistakenly believes that they have found the right scheme. But after a couple of bets that thought may quickly disappear;
  • Lowering the limits is another version of “betting reinsurance”. It will not affect the beginner, but a professional can experience difficulties with earnings. For example, there is a stake of $200. But the max limit allowed us to bet only $100. The result is a decrease in profits by half;
  • Sportsbook “tricks” – often the opportunity to put the odds on hold. The office will recalculate the odds and update the lines. The reasons may be: outflow of funds, changes during the game, etc;
  • Delay – as a rule, the match tracker for the  game is “late” by ten seconds. And sometimes more. It is therefore better to watch the match on third-party resources. And ideally – to watch the athletes play live;
  • Timeout – as a rule, after wagering on a bet the user has to wait for some excruciating seconds until it is accepted. This can be nerve wracking as events continue to unfold.

So how do you win live betting?

  • Develop a strategy and stick to it – if you breach this obligation, your bankroll will disburse very quickly;
  • Bets must be conscious – it is not recommended to argue thoughtlessly and at random;
  • You should watch the broadcasts before executing the transaction;
  • No need to be greedy – the inflow should be low but constant. It’s much better than the large sums that go out of hand. Many people dream of a 100% game. But they are very upset when everyone loses the next bet. That’s why you have to bet carefully, with small amounts, analyzing events and comparing facts;
  • It is worth being guided by a cold mind – after losing, many want to take revenge. But the clouded mind does not always allow you to make the right decision. “Oil in the fire” adds to the negative emotions. Such mistakes in live are fatal;
  • You should not rely on a series of wins – many people increase their stakes after several wins. However, any winning streak ends sooner or later. But when players realize it is often too late;
  • Learning above all – before you start “raising” good money, you need to learn all the nuances and risks, to understand the strategies, statistics and all other concepts.

A special world with its own laws

Bets are a special world with its own laws. Winner here is the one who has endurance, does not give in to emotions and knows how to develop and implement the right strategies.

Not only is it worth remembering that there are always risks. And, therefore, it is necessary to be able to adapt to successful circumstances. After all, the basic principle of live betting is a quick response.

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