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How to bet on eSports

Computer games as a sport took shape about twenty years ago. Today, competitions are watched by millions of players and fans, the amount of prize money reaches several tens of millions of dollars, and more and more countries officially recognize cybersport.

Computer games as a sport took shape about twenty years ago. The first championships in cybersports took place in the late 90s. Today the competitions are watched by millions of players and fans, the amount of prize money reaches several tens of millions of dollars and more and more countries officially recognize cybersport.

Types of eSports Betting

Betting on computer games is only partly the same as betting on classic sporting events. Let’s look at the most common markets for cyber sports.

  1. The outcome. Most games end in a win for one of the participants. In some cases a draw is allowed.
  2. The outcome of the first round or first card.
  3. First Blood – bet on the team that kills one of the opponent’s characters first.
  4. Total kills is the number of kills accomplished in a single battle, round, or on a single map.
  5. The individual kill total is the number of kills committed by one team.
  6. The first 5-10-15-20 kills are a bet on the team that reaches that number first.
  7. Total by time – duration of a round or match
  8. Card Total is the number of cards to be played in a single match.
  9. The number of rounds in one match. For example, if the game is played until three wins, the possible number of rounds is 3, 4 and 5.
  10. Outcome of rounds (cards)
  11. Passing on or winning the championship

Special types of bets designed for a specific sports discipline are also possible. For example, unique bets on StarCraft 2 are first offense, construction of a certain building, etc.

CyberSport Betting Strategies

Some traditional strategies such as Flat or Martingale can be used in eSports. In recent years, there have been many developments designed specifically for computer games.

  • Spade Betting. The top competitions involve extra-class gamers, so the main role in the match is played by the map and characteristics of the characters. Live betting allows betting after getting to know the game characters. Familiarity with the basic parameters of the card will increase the chances of a successful bet.
  • Betting on a fresh line. As conventional bookmaker’s offices do not have enough highly qualified analysts on cybersports, overstated odds periodically appear in the lines. Further – it all depends on the experience of the bettor: if there is confidence that this is a really valuable odd, you can bet.
  • Forks. The lack of clear leaders leads to the fact that different bookmakers estimate the chances of gamers to win the battles differently. For example, the bookmaker 1xBet puts odds of 2.20 on the victory of team A. BC Fonbet offers to bet on the victory of team B at odds of 2.18. Making two bets on different outcomes, you will remain in the black, regardless of the outcome of the match.

How to make a good prediction on eSports

To predict the outcome of the match, it is necessary to take into account a number of features of the game. Let’s list the main ones.

  1. The type of the game is individual or team. In an individual game it is necessary to evaluate two opponents, in a team game – separately teams and separately athletes.
  2. Game innovations. The developers can change different game characteristics. Maps and weapons can be changed, units can be strengthened or weakened, and new characters can appear.
  3. Team line-ups. In eSports there are regular transfers that change the game of a particular team.
  4. Playmanship. This indicator is evaluated in team games, where the result of the confrontation depends not only on the abilities of the individual player, but also on the actions of the whole team.
  5. Qualification of athletes. In cybersport, there are special rankings that can be used to compare teams and players, to monitor the growth or deterioration of the game in the last few battles.
  6. Team Form. Pay attention not only to the season as a whole, but also to the last few games. Since the beginning of the playing season, the line-up of the teams, their motivation to succeed, etc. might have changed.
  7. Competition type. Online battles are played over the Internet. Gamers play from home or other convenient place. Lunar tournaments are held offline, at special venues where all participants come. If a player or team performs well in online competitions, it does not mean that he will play just as well offline. “Live” playing is much more difficult: it requires not only experience of the game, but also careful control of emotions.
  8. Knowledge of the game. The main criterion for successful betting. To have a stable income and make conclusions in live mode, you need to thoroughly study all the nuances of the game. Ideally, you should play yourself, even at amateur level.

Cyber-sports have notable differences from soccer or hockey, but an experienced bettor is able to understand them. Knowing all the rules and peculiarities of the game will allow you to make a winning bet.

The main advantage of betting on cyber sports is the growing popularity of computer games. Every day, several dozen events from around the world appear in the betting line-up. The largest bookmakers provide players with access to broadcasts, so they can analyze matches in real time. The winning strategy is simple – constant analysis, studying the prospects, choosing the best bookmakers and outcomes.

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