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How to bet on American soccer: strategies and features

American soccer is the most popular sport in the USA both among the fans (it is named their favorite sport by about 40% of the viewers of one of the largest sports TV channels in the USA, ESPN), and among athletes (American soccer is played most of all by high school and college students).

Features of American soccer

It is difficult to bet successfully on the sport without knowing its basic rules and features:

  • the duration of the match – 1 hour: four quarters of 15 minutes;
  • There are two teams of 11 players on the field: the number of substitutions is unlimited, you can replace all of them at once;
  • points are awarded for the following actions: bringing the ball into the opponent’s point zone (touchdown) – 6 points, scoring the ball into the opponent’s goal with your foot – 3 points, when the defense was able to stop the opponent’s attacker in his point zone – 2 points;
  • passes can be given with your hands and feet;
  • You can attack and tackle any player (in rugby you can only attack the player with the ball).

To the peculiarities of the NFL (National Football League) should include the fact that the favorites win almost 70% of the time, but it is better to develop a strategy around the plus handicaps outsiders.

Types of bets

The line on American soccer is not replete with a variety of bets, but there are enough options:

  • outcomes;
  • handicaps (separately for each quarter or half);
  • totals (separately for quarters and halves);
  • quarter-match, half-match;
  • odd/even;
  • on statistics (total touchdowns, etc.)
  • Various additional games: who will score the points first, will there be an overtime, etc.

The most popular types of betting in the NFL are handicaps and totals. Why? Will be clear when considering the strategies.

Live betting on the NFL

Live betting on American soccer is very similar in nature to basketball, where meetings take place in much the same order: in basketball, the confrontation is divided into four quarters and two halves, which determines the nature of the struggle. For this reason, it is worth studying how to bet online on basketball and transfer them to the NFL.

In a live game on American National Football League games, follow the scheme:

  • review the first two periods;
  • The third period is the turning point, when the losing team has a last opportunity to cling to the match, which allows for periodic successful betting on the underdog’s plus handicap is in the third segment;
  • In the fourth period, when one of the teams has an overwhelming advantage, it often relaxes, and the trailing team, on the contrary, strongly increases to avoid an embarrassing loss.
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