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How do sportsbets work

Beginner players quickly learn the basics and bet online. The process is called betting, and the players themselves – bettors.

How to place bets on sports

Betting is often abandoned for fear of losing control of finances and going bankrupt. To avoid this, you should allocate a specific amount in your budget and bet only from it. Money for bets and money for “life” should be kept separate – so it will be easier to control your spending. This is the first rule to be learned.

Let us define what you need to start:

  • lively interest in any kind of sport;
  • free funds that you are willing to risk (bankruptcy);
  • stable access to the Internet;
  • the ability to keep your emotions under control.

If you plan to earn income by placing bets, keep in mind that it will take several hours daily – as for any job. You will have to collect and analyze information, develop and implement strategies. Your interest in watching sports events will increase. It is best to work with the sports that you know, so you don’t lose out over unknown nuances.

It is also important not to substitute sober calculation with emotions. Of course, you have a favorite team, but that doesn’t mean you have to bet only on it, regardless of objective circumstances. At the same time, it’s unwise to bet on a team that you know nothing about. Also do not give in to the influence of others and bet solely on someone’s advice, especially if you are betting during a live broadcast in a sports bar. Your sportsbook may also not always offer favorable odds of winning – be careful.

If you lose, there is a great temptation to make a new bet immediately to win back. This is a common mistake and is typically referred to as chasing your losses. In fact, having the Internet at your fingertips, you will always find competitions to bet on. The main thing is to make the next bet calmly while taking into consideration your previous mistakes. Much will depend on what bets you make and which strategy you adhere to.

Types of bets: the fundamentals

What is legal online sports betting? The phenomenon quickly caught on after the PASPA was struck down by a Supreme Court vote in 2018. This made sports betting legal on federal terms, however it is up to each state to decide whether to legalize the practice or not. Therefore, each state will have minor variations of how sports betting can be conducted, if legal at all. The process and types of bets that players can make however will remain much the same in each legal sports betting state. 

Single Bets

The simplest ones are perfect for beginners. One event is chosen and money is put on its outcome. If you correctly predict the outcome, the amount of money you placed (stake), will be multiplied by the odds. If your prediction was incorrect, the sportsbook keeps your stake. There are the following types of single bets:

Moneyline – a bet on the sole outcome of the event (who will win the game;

Double chance – a bet on two of the three possible outcomes of the event (a team will win or draw, but not lose);

Handicap or Spread – a bet on the difference in the score in favor of one of the teams;

Total or Under/Over – a bet on the total number of points scored by one or both teams at the end of the event (can be used for other statistics as well: touchdowns, fouls, etc.);

Period Bets – a bet on the outcome of the first half and the whole match.

A Period Bet has the properties of a single bet and a parlay bet, since in one competition, the first half and the match as a whole are highlighted.

Multi Bets

For multi bets several outcomes are selected and grouped into one event. This is more complicated and requires more knowledge in the sport you bet on. It is interesting to place these bets during major competitions.

Parlay – if you guess all the betting events, the winnings will be higher than in a single bet: the odds are multiplied by the odds of each new event added to the parlay. However, parlays are more difficult to guess, because if you incorrectly predict even one event, your entire parlay will lose.

A System is a group of multiple parlay bets, each of which includes an equal number of events (two or three). If you lose on some event in one of the parlays, only this parlay loses. In the system you still have a chance to win, even if you made a mistake in one or more events.

It makes sense to do it on two or three events (double or triple parlay). If you want to bet on more events, it is more convenient to use the “system”. The exception is for complex multiple bets.


These are different combinations of group and single bets. The most popular ones are as follows:

Trixie. Three events are selected and four bets are placed: three double parlays and one triple. If events are denoted as A, B and C, the bets under this system shall be as follows: Express 1 – A, B; Express 2 – B, C; Express 3 – A, C; Express 4 – A, B, C.

Patent. Includes seven bets: four using the Trixie system and three single bets per event.

Yankee. Four events are selected and 11 bets are placed: 6 double parlays, 4 triple and one for four events at once.

Bets can be made during the games, a long period before or right before the start. It is worth trying out all options to decide which strategy you will follow in the future.

Sports Betting Strategies

Sports Betting Strategies: One path to victory, a lot of methods of getting there 

If after the first few bets you decide to bet on a permanent basis, you will need a strategy – an action plan that will allow you to achieve a consistently positive result.

There are three categories of strategies:

Long-term. Implemented based on analysis of statistical data. For example, the “Exodus” strategy in its long-term version is based on the so-called futures bets, which are placed on the winner of a tournament a few weeks before the beginning. Futures bets are quoted with high odds. The essence of the strategy is to bet on three to five favorites of the league, carefully distributing the bets according to the odds, and at the end of the tournament to make a profit. 

The risk here is minimal – it comes down to cases of unexpected victory of the team, which was not even close to the list of favorites. Also in this category is interesting strategy Value Betting, commonly called “Value”. Its essence is to find the so-called undervalued events, for which high odds are offered. For example, if you have statistics that some team wins every third game while away.

It remains to find a sportsbook, which gives a high odds on this team to win, and bet on three games in which this team participates as a guest. One of the bets with a high probability of winning.

Pre-game. Implemented immediately before the event based on current data. For example, the Corridors strategy. One event is selected and bet on at two different sportsbooks. As a result, you can at least get your money back, and ideally earn a profit.

Live Betting. If bets are accepted during an event and you want to bet in this mode, you can try the “Dogon” strategy: bet on the same event until the desired outcome happens. For example, you bet on the victory of some team with a score of one ball. If it happened, you won. If not, you can bet twice as much on the victory of its opponent to compensate for the previous loss and make a profit. However, you need to stop here in time not to lose your whole bank.

Beginners should be advised in the first place about long-term strategies that leave enough time for reflection and carry minimal risks. This is a kind of test of your strength and a chance to develop a calm and balanced approach to betting.

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