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Futsal betting

Many domestic bookmakers offer bets on futsal, and the lines are quite rich in outcomes. The choice of the bookmaker depends on the odds offered on a particular outcome – bet, preferring the best conditions. Legalbet has ratings of the best bookmakers to help you with the right choice.

Types of futsal bets

Let’s start with the history and interpretation of the sport. Futsal first appeared in Uruguay back in the 1930s, so the game has almost a century of history. However, in those days Latin Americans played indoor soccer just for fun. Josef Argauer, the mentor of the Austrian soccer team, is considered the father of official futsal. The coach organised a couple of futsal tournaments in Europe and national championships soon followed, with the first international championship not until 1986 in Budapest.

In the 80s, futsal was divided into futsal proper and mini-football because of the conflict of associations. Currently, the two sports have almost reunified, but some distinctions in the rules still remain, and they are under the auspices of two different associations – FIFA and FIFUSA.

Types of bets on futsal are slightly different from soccer – bookmakers accept bets on totals, handicaps, outcomes at the end of a half or match, etc. Domestic and foreign bookmakers offer a fairly wide line of possible outcomes for the trader.

Futsal betting strategies

Professional players do not make random bets, but stick to specific strategies that do not allow them to drain the deposit. Strategies are intertwined with soccer, so they bet on futsal using the methodology of the dogon, d’Alamber, ladder, etc.

Strategies are based on analysis and, as far as futsal is concerned, a trader should pay attention to two key aspects. These are tournament motivation and the lineups of the playing teams. When there are five players on the field, rather than 11, any change in the lineup can significantly alter the course of the match. More weighty role in futsal and the figure of the goalkeeper, on the experience and skill of which may largely depend on the final outcome of the game.

Features of futsal betting

Among the key features of futsal betting, professional cappers highlight the following:
The main problem of betting players is the lack of material for analysis. Statistical data has to be searched on foreign sites, so knowledge of foreign languages does not hurt.

Cappers choose mainly foreign championships for betting (Brazil, Hungary, Spain, etc.). Blindly bet on matches will not work, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of the championships, follow the teams, etc.

The low popularity of futsal plays into the hands of the bettor. If you get into the intricacies of the sport, you can get regular winnings, because the trader will have an advantage over the bookmakers.

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