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How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports as 25% of all the bets made in 2021 came from tennis. In this article, we will analyze three tennis betting strategies: on games and sets handicaps in pre-match and on games in play.

Types of tennis betting

The main types of bets on tennis are the following:

  • Winner of a match, a set, or a game.
  • Total of games in a match or a set.
  • Games or sets handicap.
  • Correct score of a set or a game.

There is a huge number of other ordinary and combined bets. For example, a race to a certain number of games and a winner of the first set or a match.

A tennis betting strategy for sets

Choose men’s singles matches at Grand Slam tournaments. The meeting is held until one of the athletes wins three sets.

If a bet on the victory of a favorite is offered with the odds at about 1.10-1.30, it is not profitable in the long run. This situation allows you to bet on an outsider to win a set handicap (+2.5) at the odds at 2.00.

Chances of an underdog to win a match are small, but a favorite can lose one of the games.

When you choose matches for such bets, pay attention to the statistics of a favorite and an outsider at Grand Slam tournaments in matches with similar odds.

If a favorite has less than 50% wins per year, and an outsider wins at least a set in more than a half of the matches, such bets can be profitable in the long run.

How to bet on games in play

Choose the women’s matches of the clay tournaments. You can bet live on a player to lose the first game on her own serve.

The odds on each tennis player to win should not exceed 2.30 in pre-match. You can bet live on a victory of a game on opponent’s serve with the odds a 2.00 or higher.

You bet on the first game, and in case of a failure, you make the same bet on every odd game. You will have to double the betting amount in order to recoup previous losses when you win.

Such a strategy is called a catch-up. You need to distribute the pool you have to handle even a long lose streak.

You almost have no chance to encounter a women’s clay tournament match between two roughly equal opponents without a mutual loss of games on own serve. Slow surface, double faults, nerves, and a lack of power give extra chances to those who receive the serves.

How to Bet on Game Handicap in Tennis

You can place bets with higher odds in tennis if you use handicap options. You choose what will be the precise advantage of one of the sides.

Sometimes there is a serious game advantage in men’s and women’s tennis. There are different reasons for that. The best tennis players consistently keep their serve and take advantage of their level. Tennis players have psychological slumps when a more skilled athlete win several games in a row.

If you bet when the odds are at 2.00, you need more than 50% of successful stakes. If the odds are at around 1.80 you need a 56% of successful stakes to make a long run profit.

At Grand Slam tournaments for men, the value of handicaps increases, since a match lasts until one of the players wins three sets.

Visually similar bets on set and game handicaps can’t always be successful simultaneously.

For instance, a handicap (-1.5) on sets will win if the score is 7:6, 6:4, but a handicap (-3.5) on games will be lost. If the score is 4:6, 6:3, 6:2, everything will be just the opposite.

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